Spring Cleaning.

Has it been a winter of hibernating? Maybe you ventured out for X-C skiing or snowshoeing but you are now anxious to enjoy the spring air and exercise outdoors. While it is still cold and raining it’s a good time to do a little spring-cleaning of your exercise clothing, shoes, and equipment. Those things don’t last forever.  

If your workout clothing is stained, smelly, and ripped, you won’t feel much like exercising. Relegate those outfits to the garden or recycling bin. (Check with your town for a clothing-recycling bin. My town has the bin at the dump).  Shoes can be recycled and ground-up to make school sport tracks.

If bicycling is your sport it’s time to take your bike to the shop for a spring tune-up unless you are talented enough to do the tune-up yourself. Its not just about changing the tires but making sure all the parts are functioning. If you tried a sport that just wasn’t for you, donate that equipment so someone starting the sport is able to take advantage of your collection. Then you will have more room to organize the equipment you have.

Did your meal plan slip during the winter? Check the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and clean out the junk food. Clean the refrigerator so the bins are ready to fill-up with fresh fruits and vegetables. Compost all that outdated food.

Is your sunscreen left over from that trip to Tahiti several years ago? Sunscreen expires. Toss out what’s there and get new bottles. You don’t want to start out the spring with sunburn. There no such thing as a good burn or a base burn. It all leads to skin damage. Who wants to be 50 and covered in wrinkles and aging spots?

Insect repellent:
Ticks are already on the move! Take precautions such as light clothing, socks pulled over trousers, long sleeves, and check your body when you come back inside from outdoor activities. Use insect repellent with tick repellent such as DEET. You can get tick bites even from walking on your lawn or working in the garden. Those little buggers are everywhere.

~Happy Spring!

Ellen Lang, RN, MPH

Advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Contact your healthcare provider before embarking on a new exercise program or diet plan.

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